Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Midnight Word Soup

So Mr. Elephant (AKA the husband) has terrible spells of insomnia. This usually causes him to spend much of the night reading, writing, studying and drawing. I in the mean time sleep quite comfortably, gosh do I love sleep. That's beside the point though. Back to his insomnia. Spencer has explained to me on numerous occasions that the cause of his insomnia is the repetitive phrases that pop in his head. A few nights ago he decided to write these phrases down as to have a record for his journal. I'm SO glad he did. Here's what he wrote (the ...'s represent several minutes between each phrase): 

"With a violent career of crime and rampage...We are screwed...I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine (x1000)...What are we doing!?!...DetenTION!...I was fear fighting, fighting, fighting for my life...Follow me...Scott Knowls is in trouble...I was sure of his power...That was complicated to hear."

I can't wait to get old with him. I can only imagine the crazy things he'll do and say! It's gonna be great. Thanks for being the goofy guy you are Mr. Elephant.

I love you.


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