Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Beautiful Mind

The other day I came home and walked in on this:

Mr. Elephant wearing a dress shirt (with a pen in his pocket), a tie, green gym shorts, and his grandfathers glasses. He seemed to be studying. I immediately broke into laughter. When I asked him about his appearance he replied "I'm trying to be like John Nash from the movie A Beautiful Mind, I'm pretending to be just as smart as he is and it's working!" What kind of music you might ask was he listening to? Classical of course :). 

This man never ceases to crack me up! I'll let you know if he starts hanging up newspapers around our house and talking about conspiracies.


  1. Only Spencer! So funny. So lets double soon-not sure when though cause this week is Easter weekend and crazy but...we might have a little par-tay for my 30 th birthday coming up this month so if we do I will let you know when! Miss you guys and your nuttyness.

  2. Sounds GREAT! Let us know when and we will be there! :)

  3. That's... really hilarious.